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"Heaven's Artifice" Release 

Hey kiddos,

Well, it’s finally done. My work on “Heaven’s Artifice,” my forthcoming instrumental album, is wrapped up like a holiday gift. 

About the album: 

“Heaven’s Artifice” was the result of several jam sessions with myself. Sessions 1 was just me playing around on the Moog Matriarch for about 45 minutes with a simple 4-on-the-floor beat going the whole time. Session 2 was me playing the guitar—yes, that lead sound is not a synth, it is a guitar running through a brassy synth pedal effect. From there, I took out a whole lot of the kicks to give some of the more atmospheric parts some breathing room. In Session 3, I went back over some of the lower notes I played with guitar with a bass synth to get some nicer low end in there. In Session 4, I built out drum parts using my drum machine, quickly building complimentary rhythms and moving on to next song/section. I was mostly satisfied by this point, but ultimately decided it was still missing something. With Session 5, I went through and improvised a bunch of parts on piano, most of which I ended up deleting; I found keeping the piano sparse allowed it to be more effective.

There is a loose storyline to this thing--at least, in my head--but I’m not really gonna detail that. My hope is your imagination conjures something in your mind that my explanations never could.

I am offering you all 10 tracks of “Heaven’s Artifice” for a Pay-What-You-Want sliding scale, almost a week before it’s available in streaming services or in digital music stores. Consider it my gift to you.

May your holidays be lovely. See y’all next year!


Love and cheer,


Live at The North End 

Hey kiddos,

Thank you again to everyone who came out to my show at The North End last Sunday. I know it was kindof last minute and plenty of people didn't know about it in time. I didn't even get a full confirmation until like 4 days beforehand. However, I got a pretty solid recording of the show, so hopefully you can get a decent idea of what it was like to be there.

Hope you enjoy! 


Love always,

P.S. My surgery went great, I am at home resting and recovering.

The Visionaries (Official Video) 

Hey kiddos,

It's finally here! Been trying to get this done this since before Guillotine, Pt. 4 was released. Some of my most anti-capitalism sentiments, and I'm really proud of how it turned out.

Hope y'all enjoy!

On another note, my performance last night at The North End of Hollywood went great! I'm so thrilled with how it went down and how my set was received by the crowd. Big thanks to AJ, Jared, and all of Ex Corpse for inviting me to the stage. I got some video of the show, and I hope to be able to share some of it here in the coming weeks.

Love and power,

I just turned 39, and 

Hey kiddos,

Rust here. It's been a hot minute since I had much to report. But I just turned 39, and I've got a few things I feel are worth sharing.

    Sunday the 17th, 7pm, I'm playing a short set at The North End of Hollywood, as part of Ex Corpse's Experimental Nite.
    I've been rehearsing for the past couple months just in case an opportunity presented itself and here it is. So that's a cool thing. I will be debuting a new song as part of my set, called “Dancing.”
  2. THE VISIONARIES music video will also be premiering tomorrow night (Sunday), probably right after my live set, so keep your eyes on my YouTube channel for that. This was a labor of love and took a long time to wrap, but we finally overcame the location hurdle that we were running into for awhile and finished the shoot!
  3. I am very close to finalizing mastering on my upcoming instrumental album, titled “Heaven's Artifice.”
    This is the cyberpunk soundtracky project I've been alluding to for some time. It's a concept album. I have an idea of what the story is. Maybe the story that forms in your imagination when you hear it will be similar, but maybe not. I'll talk a little bit about the project a bit more once it's released, and how it came about, but I'm gonna leave things somewhat open-ended as far as the album's narrative. I'm hoping to get the final polish on it later this week, then put it out in time to occupy some liminal space in people's minds.

    As for general life things: 
    -I'm back in school, and I'm trying to maintain a better work/life balance as far as my schoolwork goes (as opposed to last semester when I just felt buried beneath all the work I had to constantly do).
    -I'm going in for knee surgery soon. Hopefully this procedure will get rid of most/all of the chronic pain I've been dealing with there. Send good vibes my way this week.
    -I was finally diagnosed with autism. Not really a big surprise. Nice to feel validated by the medical system, instead of the opposite. Like I can maybe be a little more gentle with myself.

    And that's enough to be getting on with, I think. Hope your September has been delightful so far!

    Love and adoration,

Idle Hands 

Hey kiddos!

I know it seems like nothing much has been going on since the release of Guillotine: Part IV and I started my summer vacation from school, but I assure you that's not the case. Several things are in the works right now, but nothing's quite ready to face the public yet.

Of note, we visited DTLA’s financial district the other night to get some essential filming done for my up and coming music video, “The Visionaries.” This one has a fairly straightforward concept, but one that has to be communicated effectively to really hit home. We have one more major and climactic shoot ahead of us, then we should more or less be wrapped.  Here are just a few of the awesome stills from the gorgeous footage L Faunt got of me. I'm very excited about the final video and I think you'll really love it!

Additionally, I've been putting some tweaks and polish to an instrumental album I've been kicking around since early this year. It's kinda Blade Runner-esque and much more soundtracky than anything I've made in a long time--maybe even moreso than the actual soundtrack I made for Dream State. It's called Heaven's Artifice, and I'm hoping to drop it sometime in the next couple months.

One more thing is brewing as well, but I'm not ready to talk about it yet.

Talk soon.



Guillotine, Guillotine IV, & GUILLOTINE 

Buckle up, kiddos!
In this final Behind-The-Music interview, I talk about "Guillotine", the 4th EP, the concept album as a whole, happy accidents, French retirement riots, BLM, ex-LA Mayor Garcetti, eating the rich, ACAB, January 6th, the dramatic nature of guillotines, American complacency, Leftist in-fighting, the importance of symbols, the need for tearing down old top-down power paradigms, and the possibility of true equity through the compassionate and efficient distribution of resources.

Interviewed by L Faunt

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Blabbin about The Visionaries 

Hey kiddos! 

New interview about "The Visionaries", how hero-worship can go to your head, Kanye West, the absurdity of borders, top-down power structures, why you should DEFINITELY NOT overthrow our current corporate iteration of government, and other fun topics 😉

Interviewed by L Faunt.
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Chattin about Hero? 

Hey kiddos,

I just realized I'm a little behind in posting these. Whoops. Trying to remedy that. In this Behind-the-Music interview, I chat about "Hero?", the song's history, repeating themes, scrapped guitar parts, nostalgia, and cults of personality.

Interviewed by L Faunt.

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It's here. Get it in the Store section for high-quality audio & e-booklet. I'm real proud of it. However, due to school, I lack energy, so apologies for not talking it up to quite the same extent as some of the prior Guillotine installments. 

Filming has begun for The Visionaries, but the music video release will come later than expected due to some logistical issues staggering the shoot schedule. The shots we've gotten are pretty excellent though. I'm very excited about this one 😈

In any case, the release of this EP marks the completion of GUILLOTINE as a concept album. Hope you enjoy it in its entirety :)



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